The Company recognizes its responsibility for its customers, employees as well as for the society. Aiming to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibilities, the company does social welfare and eco-friendly activities like:

  • Supporting victims of natural calamities

  • Organize Blood Donation Camps 

  • Organize Medical Checkup Camp for Health Awareness 

  • Employee welfare (motivational) activities like regular training or coaching in their respective fields 

  • Tobacco and Alcohol awareness program 

  • Providing garments to handicapped children, extending their support in education by providing books, fees and lunch-packs at Orphanage 

  • The company produces environmental friendly garments. Any hazardous and non-eco-friendly materials are not used in any of our products

  • Recycling of paper, Batteries, Ink and Toner Cartridges.

  • Recycling Wastes and Leftovers of fabric while cutting process.

  • Good Educational posters like Good quotes and good practices are placed in all the Department.